Stainless Steel Cable Deck Railing: Pros and Cons

Installing stainless steel cable deck railing can be the best choice for you. However, only when the quality of both the materials and installation are high. In this case, stainless steel deck railing systems offer great value for your money.

Using Deck Stainless Steel Cable Railing in Toronto: Advantages

The main reason to use steel cables for deck railing is that they allow you an unobstructed view of the surroundings. The thickness and distance between cables can vary. Therefore, you can easily get a railing that will be nearly as good at being unobtrusive as sheer glass panels. However, unlike those, a cable stainless steel deck railing cost is much lower. In fact, it’s the most affordable of the existing options offering this level of ‘transparency’.

At Art Metal Workshop, we offer very affordable prices for stainless steel cable deck railings.That’s another important advantage for customers. When you opt for a high-quality stainless steel meant to be used outdoors, you are getting the cheapest top-quality system available. Due to how uncomplicated it is in design and production, wire railing is considered to be the most cost-efficient.

To benefit the property owners further, stainless steel cable deck railing is very durable. This material is virtually indestructible and the system itself needs no maintenance aside from occasional cleaning. As it’s composed of multiple components, any damaged part can be easily, and cheaply, fixed or replaced.

Cable Stainless Steel Deck Railing: Disadvantages

There truly are no cons to installing this type of system if you allow professionals to do that. Please note that using a pre-made stainless steel deck railing kit can be a risk to you and your family. These kits contain:

The problem is that wire must be stretched to the point of extreme tension. Handling it in that condition without specialized training and tools is a great risk. Also, should you make even a small mistake during installation, the wire can break and hurt you or your family members.

Art Metal Workshop technicians undergo special training and use equipment and hardware that allows us to install Stainless steel cable deck railing systems of any complexity. We always offer a warranty for our products and work.

Buy the Best Stainless Steel Railings for Decks in Toronto

Art Metal Workshop is a multiple Best of Homestars Award winner and a company recommended by hundreds of happy customers. Buy your stainless steel cable railing from a trusted manufacturer that carries all relevant licenses and certifications. With your top-quality rails installed by experienced professionals, you can be sure in their safety and durability.