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Size and Shape Of Your Future Deck

How much space will you need? Some designers say any outdoor living space should be about the same size as the interior room it adjoins. Others suggest it should be one-third the size of the main floor of the house. For many installations, both of these “rules of thumb” might result in about the same [...]

Various Fence Materials

Residential fences are frequently built from wood. But other materials are available and they offer some advantages over wood. Chain link, for instance, is an inexpensive material for security tensing and vinyl fences require no maintenance over their life. Here are some non wood materials to consider: Synthetic Like decking, synthetic fencing material is made [...]

Tools and Materials for Decks

Building a deck requires a modest collection of tools and a knowledge of lumber, other materials, and fasteners. Tools fall into three categories—layout, excavation, and carpentry tools. You may already have most of what you need. Some, such as a posthole digger and other excavation tools, you may be able to borrow from friends. ”Very [...]

Analyzing a Base Map

A base map gives you a picture of the outline of your property and its contents—just as they are. A site analysis takes that picture one step further. A site analysis enables you to view the components of your yard as though you were in a helicopter. It will help you evaluate the relationships between [...]

Various Plants on a Deck

Plants can bring your deck to life. What’s more, they can solve design problems in a way no other element can. Containers with brightly colored blossoms create a pretty view from the house. A nearby hedge screens an unattractive view. Potted trees provide shade and privacy, as well as fruit. Large planters help establish traffic [...]

Putting Deck Plans on Paper

You’ve pondered your deck’s function and style, and you’ve chosen the materials you’ll use to build it. Before you bring out the shovels and levels, however, it’s important to refine your plan, to clarify and map out precisely where all the final elements will go. ”I spent a lot of time looking for someone to [...]

Deck Access

No matter how complete you make your landscape design, you won’t use even the most luxurious deck if you can’t see it from the inside, if you don’t provide an easy way to get to it, and if its uses conflict with the uses of the adjacent interior room. These factors—visual access, actual access, and [...]

Platform Deck With Steps

For a home with a first floor that is several steps above ground level, this multilevel deck can make the perfect transition between house and yard. The design features a series of steps and platforms that cascade away from the doorway to the garden below. Because the height of this deck averages 20 to 30 [...]

New Railings for Old Decks

The fundamental steps for adding railings are the same as for building railings from scratch. If you want to modify an existing railing, use these instructions to install the necessary additional railing parts. ”Interior Railings – After reviewing Homestars I decided to make the call the high ratings and favourable comments gave me a great sense of [...]

Lumber for Decks

Pound for pound, wood is almost as strong as steel. Its warm, natural beauty and remarkable workability make it ideal for decks and other outdoor structures. The uses of lumber are endless. It can be used to add privacy screens and planters, create ornate railings, build ornamental trellises for climbing plants, or ease the transition between one [...]

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