A Fine Balance of Safety and Artistry

Art Metal Workshop’s Pool Metal & Glass Railings embody a harmonious blend of safety requirements and artistic aesthetics. Designed with heavy-duty metal and high-quality, lucid glass, these railings bring robustness, transparency, and a chic vibe to your pool area.

The design elements, from the sturdy metal structure to the clear glass panes, have been meticulously planned and executed to offer a perfect blend of style and functionality.

Versatile and Stunning

Designed specifically for pool settings, these railings not only add a touch of sophistication but also fulfill safety needs. Leveraging the inherent attributes of transparency and clarity of the glass, the railings provide unobstructed pool views  and preserve the openness of your space.

Art Metal Workshop applies rigorous quality control standards at every stage, from the initial design to the final installation, thus guaranteeing perfect precision in each product we deliver.

Our Pool Metal & Glass Railings aren’t just safety features— they are a testament to our commitment to delivering quality, beauty, and safety in a unique, artistic form.



Please note that the Pool Metal & Glass Railings we create at Art Metal Workshop are tailored to your needs, and the photos shown are just examples of our previous work. The precise appearance and specifications of your railing may vary due to several contingent factors such as film thickness, substrate type, and curing conditions.

Feel free to contact us for accurate color samples and to discuss your project’s unique requirements. We look forward to adding a safe and aesthetic upgrade to your pool space!