Iron Balcony Railing

Why Choosing Iron Balcony Railings for Your House

Iron balcony railings are popular for their strength and durability. They tolerate extreme temperatures and pressure if installed and maintained right. There are also different designs available, from simple railings and balusters to complicated ornaments. The price options also vary as different types of iron can be used. It’s important to learn about these points in detail to choose the best option for you.


Iron Balcony Railings Designs

There’s a great variety of choice when it comes to iron balcony railings designs. No matter whether your balcony belongs to a commercial or residential property, a creative and stylish design plays a major role. At Art Metal Workshop Inc., we can bring any idea to life, and consult you on what design would be the best for your place. There are some common railing designs in Toronto:

  • Straight –plain railings and balusters.
  • Diamond pattern –a simple and elegant design with diamond-shaped balusters.
  • Scrollwork design – an option that includes using spirals as the main ornament.
  • Baroque ornaments – complicated ornaments of different forms.

You can choose a design from our catalogue when ordering your iron balcony railings, or come up with an ideathat will fit into your home’s overall look. The abilities of iron are limited, but most designs are still possible.

Types of Iron Used for Balcony Railings

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron balcony railingsare the most convenient to be used in a wide range of designs. This type of iron can be heated multiple times and formed into different shapes. It’s strong, and even when deformed it doesn’t break unless exposed to extremely high temperatures or pressure. Wrought iron can suffer from corrosion, so certain maintenance is needed. Putting a special coating that resists corrosion and rust every couple of years will be sufficient.

Cast Iron

Cast iron balcony railings aren’t as flexible in design. Cast iron is more brittle than the other types, so it’s impossible to create thin decorative elements using it. It is created by melting iron, pouring it into molds, and letting it dry and solidify. The advantages of cast iron are in its compression strength and suitability for casting.

Choosing Iron Balcony Railings

By choosing this type of railing, you make sure your balcony is safe. You can order both simple and complicated designs by choosing the type of iron that suits you the best. If you need an estimate and a consultation on your future balcony railing, don’t hesitate to contact us as weoffer it free of charge!


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