Interior Railings Designs

Interior Railings Designs: How to Choose Your Perfect Railing

Do you want your handrail to look like ivy climbing up along your stairway? Or are you looking for an elegant and simple linear iron railing? Today you can have it all as there are hundreds of beautiful interior railings designs you can choose from.

In case voluminous architectural catalogues and collections of pictures online don’t provide you with the perfect idea, you can have a professional develop custom interior railing designs. This way, you can be sure that the piece would be 100% unique.


Stair Railing Designs: Interior Railings for Beauty and Safety

If you install indoor railings for a purely decorative purpose or to separate a specific area within the room, you can choose any style and size you want. However, when it comes to interior stair railing designs, you must consider the Toronto building safety regulations as well.

It’s not only about the height of the handrail (which should be 34-38 inches) but the construction of the panels as well. This is especially important if you have small children who may slip between the bars. At Art Metal Workshop, we offer an extensive catalogue of stairway railings designs and we can adapt any of them, or develop a custom one that would be child-proof and fit the style of your interior.

Wrought Iron Railings Designs: Stunning and Durable

Today, you can install interior railings made of any material, including iron, aluminum, wood, glass, and even types of plastic. However, wrought iron stands out among all of them due to the sheer beauty of this railing.

If you want your home to look regal, a wrought iron handrail would be the perfect centerpiece of a room’s interior. The stunning, yet elegant beauty of these fixtures is often associated with luxurious mansions. So installing one would help you create the illusion of such a place, even if you aren’t living in a mansion yet. With the abundance of wrought iron designs for railings, you would definitely find the one that can match the overall theme of your home.

Where to Find Original Interior Balcony Railing Ideas in Toronto

We at Art Metal Workshop do not only offer the best balcony railing installation service in Toronto, but also help you design the perfect railings for your property. The catalogues would give you plenty of interior hand railing ideas, and you can always consult an expert about adding/removing some details. This enables you to create a system that would look fantastic in your home and fit within your budget.


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