Blend of Privacy and Elegance

Art Metal Workshop’s Frosted Glass Privacy Screens artfully strike a balance between personal privacy needs and modern design sensibilities. Comprising sturdy frames and superior-quality frosted glass, these screens bring resilience, light diffusion, and chic sophistication to your space.

Attentive to design details, from the frame’s sleek lines to the glass’s frosted finish, we deliver products that wonderfully merge utility and tasteful aesthetics.

Suitable for Varied Environments

Our Frosted Glass Privacy Screens are designed for diverse indoor and outdoor use. They elevate the ambience of offices, balconies, patios, and more, offering stylish seclusion. The frosted glass effectively diffuses light, enhancing the privacy yet maintaining the light ambiance of your spaces.

At Art Metal Workshop, each privacy screen meets rigorous quality standards from inception to final assembly, thereby guaranteeing precision in every product we create. Our Frosted Glass Privacy Screens represent more than just commodities – they symbolize our promise of superior quality and stylistic excellence.



Please note that Art Metal Workshop’s Frosted Glass Privacy Screens are custom made, and the photographs showcased represent samples of our past work. The exact appearance and specifications of your product may differ based on various factors, including film thickness, type of substrate used, and curing conditions.

We invite you to contact us for accurate color samples and for discussing the unique requirements of your project!