Tips for Choosing Steel Railing for Stairs in Toronto

There’s a steel railing for stairs that can fit into any home or office perfectly. This material is so versatile that you can find steel railings for indoors and outdoors as well. To pick the very best piece for your needs, you need to understand your options and pros and cons of each.

Interior Steel Railings for Stairs: Durable, Stylish, Cheap

Modular carbon steel railing for stairs is probably the cheapest kind of railing you can find. However, the low price doesn’t equal low quality in this case. On the contrary, when treated properly, carbon steel can last for well over a decade. This railing doesn’t require expensive maintenance, only an occasional repainting.

If you are looking for something more elaborate, we offer dozens of steel rails designs. You can choose models with elaborate banisters for the fancier interiors. A steel and glass staircase railing will look magnificent in any building. In fact, it can become the centerpiece of your design.

You can also get more durable interior 304-grade stainless steel stair railings. This material is rust-resistant, so it will last longer than carbon steel. You also won’t need to repaint the system, unless it’s coloured and gets scratched somehow. However, remember that this material can’t withstand corrosive environments, so n installing it near a chlorinated pool.

Benefits of Stainless Steel Railings for Outdoor Stairs in Toronto

We offer a wide selection of exterior steel stair railings made from 316-grade steel. It’s completely rust-resistant, so rain and snow won’t damage the piece. Metal, by default, withstands temperature changes well, so it’s one of the most durable outdoor steel railing for stairs available today.

This option is also sturdier than aluminum and plastic, as well as much more affordable than wrought iron and glass. Using a beautiful designer handrail with an otherwise simple railing will allow you to get maximum curb appeal for a minimal price.

When installing outdoor steel railings for stairs in Toronto, always remember to ask suppliers to show you material quality certificates. Make sure you are getting exactly what you pay for.

Staircase Steel Railing Designs from Art Metal Workshop

At Art Metal Workshop, we pride ourselves on the versatility of our product catalogue. Here you can find models to fit any design, including the popular modern steel cable stair railing. In fact, you can surf the Web for images of the steel staircase railings you like and order a custom piece if there isn’t a perfect match in the catalogue.