Aluminum Railings

With Art Metal Workshop you will find a range of railings systems to suit your needs whether they are for residential, commercial or industrial purposes. No project is too big or small and we would be happy to have an informal talk with you regarding your aluminium railings.

Art Metal Workshop aluminum railings have been carefully and tastefully designed using the highest quality of aluminum to complement any property’s design. Art Metal Workshop offers quality and safety guarantee and all designs meet the stringent safety and building regulation requirements.

Why opt for exterior aluminium railings over steel or wood railing systems? The answer is simple. Aluminium railings do not warp, rot, or split after being exposed to the various elements. What is more they are much lighter and more durable, making them easy to install and maintain further down the line. Art Metal Workshop offers a number of different finishes including anodized, duranodic, and baked­on enamel that come in a range of coat colors. Such finishes preserve the aluminium, ensuring they will remain corrosion­ free resulting in easy maintenance.

The team at Art Metal Workshop are knowledgeable engineers, fabricators and designers with years of experience. Art Metal Workshop will guide you throughout the project from the initial design right to the delivery and installation of your new railings. With an in­house engineering team at hand, you will be able to have tailor­made exterior aluminium railings to suit your project with the exact specifications needed, making the installation process much easier. We do not outsource our projects and you can rest assured that your new railings will be professionally and safely installed by members of our experienced team.

We believe you should never compromise the value, the appearance and safety of your property with cheaper and lower quality outdoor railings. We believe in quality and when it comes to quality aluminium railing systems, we are at the forefront.


Curved Aluminum Railing

At Art Metal Workshop , we can help you achieve the perfect look with professionally finished curve aluminum railings that feature a smooth and continuous handrail. Our service includes the same quality as our regular railing designs. We understand that you want nothing but the best for your decking, balcony, stairwell or walkway, which is why we can assure you that our curved aluminum railings will be durable with the same amount of color schemes available in our standard railing range.

Decorative / Ornamental Aluminum Railing

At Art Metal Workshop we do not limit ourselves to standard aluminum railing designs. If you are looking for a more ornate aluminum railing for decorative purposes whether it is for your balcony, deck or porch, we will work closely with you to find the right design to complement your property.

Choose from a range of designs inspired by European architecture or opt to have custom-­made decorative aluminum railings designed and made fit to really set your property apart from the rest.

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